1000Lm PIR Security Flood Light

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A bright flood light and or security light all wrapped up in a small package. Separate PV panel and 3m of cable so the light can be mounted where it will be most effective.
No need for running cables or Electricians, easy to mount it yourself and just turn it on, Job done


Remote control for timer & brightness (batteries incl)
Replaceable Li-ion Battery,

PIR Motion Sensor
Adjustable bracket Included for lamp and solar panel

Adaptive Lighting System (ALS) to achieve most efficient lighting when weather change to maintain constant current output

Variable Frequency Technology (VFT) to Control and adjust the LED driver frequency to reach the max output of LED and Battery 

Temperature Control System (TCS) to Protect the battery during high temperatures



Model Number SSG-04b
LED  1000Lm,  6500K
Battery 8000mAh  Li-ion  3.7V
Solar Panel  5W,  Panel life 10yrs aprox. 3.5m cable
Instalation height 3 - 4m
Weather Rating  IP 65
Solar charging time 9hrs in full sun
Standby time Aprox 5 nights
Material Aluminum Alloy
Product Size 242 x 120 x 92mm
Work temperature  -25℃ to 65℃ 
Warranty 1 year
Lighting Mode Option A: 150Lm + motion sensor (500Lm for 30sec)
Option B. 1 or 2 hrs at 500Lm or 1000Lm, then revert to Opt A
Application Courtyard, Garden, garage door, warehouse, stable, gateway, parking area
Packing details: Retail packaging: 275 x 135 x 190mm.  Net weight: 2.1kg
Carton size:560 x 290 x 400mm
G.W/CTN:  18kg