Always be careful when drilling into a solid surface, drilling into a live wire accidentally can be life threatening, we recommend you consult a professional before attempting this job.

Placement of a solar light that has the solar PV on top as a part of the light structure is critical. Do not place it in a place that is shaded, or under and eve, or in any place where the sun cannot shine directly onto the panel, this will seriously affect the PV's charging ability and the battery will not charge correctly. Those lights that have a separate PV panel can be mounted anywhere, so long as the PV itself is mounted in clear sun all day.

Ideally the panel must have uninterrupted sun for 80% of the day to perform at its best. If you are unsure, visit the location 3 or 4 times during the day to check before mounting the light. We recommend that if you are not competent with DIY that you hire a professional to do the job for you.

Separate Solar Panels

Because these solar panels are small a 5c size blob of clear silicone on each corner of the panel, then stick it to the roof should prevent the panel from flying off in windy conditions. The clear silicone is easy to get off if you want to remove later. carefully tie up any loose cable for a neat finish. 



We chose to use Lithium-ion batteries excursively in our solar lights. They are superior to (Ni-Cad) and (Ni-MH). We went a step further and where possible use 18650 Li-ion batteries because they are reliable and cost effective and easily available as a spare part..... If its good enough for TESLA, its good enough for us!

Like all Li-ion batteries, do not tamper or crush the batteries at any time, they may explode without warning and cause severe physical harm . Do not throw them in your bin but Dispose of them in accordance with local shire regulations.


Light Pole

Before digging a hole to place your pole in the ground, please consult a professional so you do not accidentally cause damage to underground services or create a hazard for yourself.

Those lights requiring to be mounted up on a pole will need you to buy a pole that is 60mm outside diameter and 1.5mm or greater in thickness. Next thing to consider is height. Our stated mounting heights are recommendations only but are based on experience and knowledge of the product, so we suggest you do not deviate from our specified recommendations by much.

Remember you need to bury the pole 1m in the ground so add this onto the height you want to mount the light. Any light mounted between 4 - 5m requires using a decent concrete footing similar in thickness and length to a 20L bucket, or the light risks falling over in high winds. Anything greater than 5m will require a commercial grade light pole and proper ground mounting cage. We can quote and supply these upon request. We recommend that if you are not competent with DIY that you hire a professional to do the job for you.